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Today's number 21 may cause a stir, and I would like to point out to people, that this list consists of many factors, not simply attractiveness. We here at the institute of Science Fiction and Sexuality have developed a very complex mathematical equation that allows us to bring this list to you. Know that badassness greatly outweights looks, and many of your favorites may not be at the top because of this reason. Thank you.
Today's Sci Fi Rock star is Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise to me in general has never been exactly a sex symbol, but I recently re-watched Minority Report and realized, surely once again, that this was a great cyberpunk movie that everyone should watch, and that he could be hot at times. Cruise's acting is great, and its made great by the fact that he is not acting insane. He is a regular cop, doing regular cop things, until a conspiracy is sprung against him because he just knows too much. This movie presents us with the question of technology and how we utilize it, should we really condemn people for something we think they will do, or give them a chance? Cruise's character like in many cyberpunk works, first works for the system, and then realizes the system is fucked and then works to destroy it. He is one of the best cops I've seen on screen, the man jumps from a moving vehicle onto moving cars, that are sliding up and down midair, and then there's the fight scene with the jet packs. Cruise's character has such a sense of righteousness that he turns into Batman during his escape, breaking arms and legs to get away, because he ain't gonna kill people, he's just too cool for that. On top of being pretty much the head of "Precrime", he himself goes busting into houses kicking ass and taking names. Cruise here is the perfect heroic character, he's dark, he's got a sad past, he's noble and so self-sacrificing that he has his eyes taken out by this guy

All in a days work to save the Precogs, and the WOOOORLD!!
For all those who did not enjoy our Tom Cruise themed entry, I have for you a treat, Colin Farrell gets honorable mention because he was in this great movie, if only for a moment.

After much consideration, in fact almost 2 months of it, we can finally bring to you number 22 on the list. Djimon Hounsou!!

Now, I know what you are all thinking, yes he is hot, but how sci fi is he really? Well let me tell you about a little movie called Push. In this movie he is the badass. Period. Don't like that excuse? Okay, here is the longer version, Hounsou is Agent Craven and works for the evil, evil, Division that wants to harvest the powers of the poor little psychics and freaks that can move things, control people, and see the future among other cool things. In Hounsou's first scene he comes blazing into a building blowing up Chris Evans' character's dad like the badass he is. In this role Hounsou is not exactly a badass in the sense that he gets very physical with the work he does, he is more of an evil genius with mind controlling powers. He is what they call a "Pusher", and can make you do for him whatever he wants. However, even without his mind-controlling powers he is cleverly decietful, calculating, except of course that Chris Evans and his posy have to win...so alas Hounsou is defeated, but not without having kick around Chris Evans for a good while.  Why is it sci fi? Well because to me this movie has a lot of elements of a cyberpunk movie, it takes place in China, giving it that special Bladerunner sort of feel. The movie also explores themes of freedom, freewill, and the big villain in the movie is not a physical entity, but rather the idea of the Division, the idea of control. Obviously, many odd things happen, like the idea of psychics running around and an organization that wants to control them, and going far enough as to experiment on these poor bastards to build a super psychic army, doesn't quite happen on the daily basis....its supernatural to say the least.
So why is he hot? Did you know, Hounsou used to be a runway model? No? WELLL he sure was, he has also graced the pages of many many fashion magazines modeling sexy sexy underwear...THIGHS!!

My favorite reason as to why he is hot and badass, is a little more supernatural than it is sci fi, he tends to play more of the quiet background types, that are cool and ready for action when shit goes down. The first role where I admired his hotness was in one of my favorite movies, Constantine. In this movie he played Papa Midnight, Constantine's old witch doctor friend who now owns the coooolest bar in LA, with demons and vampires, and all the low lifes of the underworld woooo! He is soo badass that he can go toe to toe with Constantine who is the damn best demon killer ever! There should be a movie solely based on Papa Midnight for all our sakes, or the world shall end, simply because we do not have enough Djimon Hounsou in our lives.
You guys can argue against me as to whether he is truly sci fi or not, if he isn't to you people, I believe he's pretty darn close, and is a great villain, and I am sure he will be in a huge sci fi movie in the years to come as the lead hopefully, because this man needs more leads.

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Number 23 on our list is Spike! from Cowboy Bebop!!
The only reason why this hot piece of ass is so low on the list is because I can not fuck him since he is after all a cartoon. If this man was real he would be the shit. Spike knows kung fu, he's a great shot, he knows how to pilot a space ship, he's got a cool attitude, and has got a mysterious past, he is a damn space cowboy! This man has lived and died several times, he's as tough as nails. Spike loves to fight, he won't ever give up during a fight, he'll go until the end, he hates losing, as proven by the fact that he does not give up on catching Teddy Bomber, and outwits his blond carbon copy Andy the Cowboy. On top of that he is an ex member of a super special awesome chocolatey fugde organization called the "Red Dragons", they were all badasses too, and my man Spike here goes up against all its members, and manages to kill Vicious, his old buddy, who is also quite bad ass, especially with a katana. For anyone who's never seen Cowboy Bebop, Spike gets into fights just because he can! I mean he's a damn bounty hunter, mostly just for kicks (no pun intended), because he doesn't make much  money...it is all purely for the rush, for the chase! Like I said sadly, this man is not real, but on the plus side because he is not real, we can dream about him and invest all those great qualities we wished for in our version of a perfect man, in my case he is it! Fanfic anyone? Well, if you are not into the whole erotic novel thing, or fucking carboard cut outs, well I've got news for you girls!! Spike is set to be on the big screen in a life action, English Language version of Cowboy Bebop, there is no set date, but it is rumored that it will be 2011, and he will be immortalized by none other than Keanu Reeves!!

Once this happens Keanu will be the undesputed numero uno biggest hottie in Sci Fi ever!! Great things come to those who wait!

Rub N' Buff

Rub N' Buff!! I came to realize this is a thing I need to have to make cool steampunk props!! Next up will be a few pictures of my lovely pink mock up for my coat tails jacket!!! WOOOO!!!
Number 24: Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys
Why the fuck?
Brad Pitt is a Sex GOD!! whether he is insane, a gypsy, or a hallucination, it also helps being drunk...which I was last night when I started the entry. Seriously though, he is hot, his got the hot body, the blond hair, the blue eyes? and that insane look that says take me now! Brad Pitt in the 12 Monkeys is a sort of antagonist, he is the leader of the organization that is set to make the viral attack, he is crazy as shit, if shit were an animate object that could orchestrate such crazy devious plot to end the world. Why is he bad-ass? because being crazy and getting institutionalized is all part of his clever ploy to make people think he is just an innocent loony, so that they will not fear his evil intellect! He is also bad-ass because there was not sufficient hot meat on my list! and I loooove me some Brad Pitt!
Warning: Please don't criticize my picks too much, keep in mind that the list was made not only with attractiveness factor in mind, but how bad-ass they were in their respective Sci Fi roles. Also some of these guys, may not be as attractive as they were when they first made their great Sci Fi debuts. in short some of these guys are old now....very very old, but once upon a time they were attractive and badass. I'm gonna post one each day probably, if I don't forget to :P

Number 25: Casper Van Dien err....um...was gonna be Casper Van Dien, otherwise known as Johnny Rico!!! from Starship Troopers. So here are the reasons why he was gonna be #25, first off he is attractive, although he looks like a bit of a douche. Why is he badass? Well he was pretty good at shooting those goddamn aliens in the movie, and fucked about every female lead in the movie. Among his irresistible sexiness as Johnny Rico, he has been in other such great titles as: Tarzan, Sleepy Hollow, and Starship Troopers 3: Maurader...wooo...and lots of TV shows I've heard of like once....ever in my life...when I read his imdb.
Alas the TRUE #25 spot goes to!!!!
NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!! and just why in the hell? Well in this movie his character named Carl is psychic, and very very smart, and after a short time becomes a high ranking colonel of the military intelligence. He cleverly uses poor Rico and his squad for bait, unbeknowns to them of course, all for his sick, sick purposes of catching the "brain bug". How can you say no to that face? That face that hides pure evil! The man rides unicorns! On top of that he is Dr. Horrible, and who doesn't love Dr. Horrible!! NPH you can conquer our hearts any day !! Although we all know sadly that you wont....but Mike said he was available.
I had an interesting conversation with Mike today, in which we discussed to whom I would aim my writing at, meaning should I write science fiction, regular fiction, novels, comic books, etc. I quickly realized that what I wanted to do, what I really had my heart set on, would not get me the type of recognition I was seeking, that if I were to go into the realm of comic books, and science fiction, I would never be taken seriously. I mean, goddamn, they do not even let you try your hand at writing anything out of the ordinary in creative writing classes at UCLA. What kind of reception should I expect when I market a science fiction novel, that is addressing real human issues, religion, the effects of science on our bodies, on our planet, on our fucking existence in this universe, or things like racism, if it also involves space travel? Now if I wrote this novel, and made it about how a poor Mexican girl who crosses the border, overcomes all things against her, becomes a scientist, and then an activist against genetic engineering, and also had to deal with her lesbianism, and the death of her drunk father, and disapproval of her traditionalist catholic Mexican mother I would get world praise everywhere, because that is believable! Seriously, its crazy what things are deemed great literary works, I've read quite a lot, and have found a lot of it is not as good as they claim it to be, its just good, not great. 

Anyway, on the other hand, consider the things that do get world wide attention, and become phenomenons, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and then there's Twilight.....If you consider how things went we moved from LOTR to HP to Twatlight? It is like worldwide intelligence took a nose dive into oblivion, and everyone forgot what entertaining, adventure, teen novels were like. I've liked a couple of teen novels in my day, way past my teens, and I can tell you, Twilight is not one of them, but alas I have given in, and if I wanna get rich, and want be remembered for the next 10 years so I will write these beautiful master pieces for the world to see. These novels will mix the newest subculture  that is taking the world by storm, STEAMPUNK, and of course the most read novel of our day the great Twilight series, which also took the world by storm OMG!!!!@!!!!!11111one1!!!!!!! :O

In all their glory my novels will be part of a four book series focusing on the love of Stella and Edwund and their struggles to maintain their love together, against all odds, cogs, and dogs.

1. Sunset with Top Hats: A Steampunk Vampiric Romance

Sets up the characters of Stella and Edwund. Stella is a beautiful aristocratic girl with many suitors, but upon arriving to a new plantation of her fathers on Mars, she discovers love in the form of a glittering, green, attractive, dashing, heroic, tall, blond, blue eyed, sexy Vampire, named Edwund, who is also a ruffian, yet wealthy, and owns his own airfleet. She has to fight between her love, admiration, and long time friendship with the even wealthier, although younger, Kagob. Who will she choose?

2. Old Moon and Cogs: The Rise of Frankenwolf, a Wolferic Romance

We continue to explore the stormy relationship between Stella and Edwund. He flies away on his airship for Pluto, which suits him better because its colder, and the icicles reflect his beautiful blue eyes, and leaves Stella to pine for him, because ALAS he is far too dangerous a man for her! Meanwhile Kagob takes the opportunity to court Stella once again, and shows her that he is also an aspiring mad scientist, and has taken his werewolf brethren and has given them even more advantage over those FILTHY SEXY Vampires by turning them into cog and steam driven machines with fur and fangs. Edwund comes back to save Stella because he realizes only a suicidal bitch would make friends with Kagob. The Vampire council, the Valturi is introduced, they do not want to let poor Edwund return to Stella, so he threatens to take his shirt off.

3. Eclypse of the Airships: Bloody Love in the Air

A mean old hag named Vicky appears tries to have sex with Edwund because he killed her old "mate", and she cannot find anyone sexier, gets rejected and goes off the try and kill people, mainly Stella. Vicky shows up again with an army of "new" vampires who are not as awesome as old vampires, because everyone knows old money is better than new money, OH THE HORROR. The frankenwolf army is released by Edwund and his family, the Mullens, to use as dangerous pet-weapons to kill those dirty "new" vampires. Stella has to choose again between Kagob and Edwund. She chooses the sexy sexy sexy bootilicious vampire ass, they get married. They fly off on Edwund's sexy brassy airship.

4. Breaking Daybreak Through My Goggles: The Birth of the New Cog-Vampire Children

Edwund finally takes Stella in the most manful way a shiny vampire knows how, and almost kills her with his giant....desire for her. Stella soon realizes she has become pregnant, and two months later she finds herself weak, bed ridden, and about to give birth to twins. Poor delicate martian belle Stella almost dies in the process of giving birth to the half vampire children but is saved by her love Edwund with his sweet sweet vampire venom, and finally becomes a vampire. Their children are so beautiful that one day they are spotted by the old mean Valtori, and thought to be "immortal children", and as Interview with the Vampire has taught us all, that is baaaaad. The Valtori try and kill these beautiful children, but the Mullens are ahead of them, and in order to disguise the beauty of these children they are hidden away, dressed up in icky brown colors, are made to wear cogs and gears that do not serve any function whatsoever and are made to live with the frankenwolves. Once the Mullens gather up enough witnesses to prove they are just half vampire children and not horrific CHILD VAMPIRE MONSTERS that can trick you to do anything, they go to retrieve their children. Claudina the most beautiful of twins, falls in love Kagob during her imprisonment and refuses to leave the franken castle because no one understands their love. Did I mention the castle moves constantly because it is powered by steam from an unholy flame that is actually Kagobs heart? They dump the other twin off somewhere in Pluto, and go off to live their love and give rise to the New Cog-Vampire Children. COMING SOON, JUNE 2017.

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This a rundown of my purchases today!!
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This is what my pattern for my doll looks like, I had time to put it on fabric, but I haven't as of yet cut it out the fabric for now this is all  you get!!!